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Tracy Roberts
Master's of Arts in Counseling

Education: Bachelor's Degree, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Master of Arts in Counseling, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.

I work with children, adolescents, individuals, families, and groups on a variety of issues, including: depression, anxiety, grief, loss, abuse, communication difficulties, decisions making, parenting problems and skills, identity development, and adjustment to life transitions.  I am experienced in several styles of therapy, including play therapy with children.  My primary focus is partnering with individuals to help them explore their thought patterns, feelings, choices, and behaviors to promote growth and achieve positive change. I am committed to providing competent Christian counseling within a Biblical worldview. My desire is to serve people by helping them grow and heal as people made uniquely in the image of God and live in the fullness of what God intended.
You can reach me by calling 502.338.9192, or email

Tracy Roberts